[Vision2020] Keim on the Frequency of discussing Christ Church and NSA on Vision 2020

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Sat Dec 4 15:26:33 PST 2010

This sounds like a great community interest story, Darrell.

I, personally, volunteer to videotape the "Tastes Great" vs. "Less
Filling" DarrellKeim/Joe Campbell smack-down debate.

For halftime entertainment, may I suggest the always-popular beer-belching
competition, which can be audio-recorded, placed online, and let the
V-peeps vote on quality, duration, and volume.

This looks like a real money-maker, Darrell and Joe.


Hey, if it weren't for Budweiser, I probably wouldn't even have breakfast.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

On Sat, December 4, 2010 3:17 pm, Darrell Keim wrote:
> And, Joe, anytime you'd like to try one of those homebrews let me know.
>  I'll give it to you as a show of no personal enmity.  A debate is a
> debate,
> but beer is serious business (ha-ha)!
> I have a pretty good Scottish Ale right now, along with a Barleywine and a
> dunkleweizen.

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