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Don't smoke
Don't drink
Eat right
Die anyway

 Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA

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I’m not surprised. Anyway, with this knowledge and modern advances in medicine I 
have gotten my lipids into normal range, blood sugar is good, and blood pressure 
is good, and no known problems. 

The trouble is, all this good health has simply increased the odds that I’ll die 
from something else.
Bob Dickow, troublemaker
Part of the the costs of health care appear to be weight related.  In my opinion 
not enough attention/insistence on personal responsibility has enetered the 
debate.  The article below contains findings that show the importance of taking 
responsibility for part of one's overall health.  There are many other findings 
relating diet and exercise to overall health and consequently to the cost to all 
of us for health care.

Wayne A. Fox

Study warns against extra pounds

Even slightly excessive body weight carries risks 

By Stephanie Nano


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