[Vision2020] Apologize for what?

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"Prevailing Winds" was not something I began to "bother" a local pastor and his church.  It's purpose -- my purpose -- is to defend the Gospel, which necessarily requires examining and rebuking the errors and conduct of those who dishonor it.  That Wilson, et al, appear so often on my blog is an indication of the gross excesses of their peculiar brand of dishonoring the Gospel, not my fascination with any of them.  It's not enough to criticize; I also offer what I think is the correct Christian teaching or manner of conduct pertaining to Wilson's errors in both theology and practice.  Believe me -- I'd like to talk a whole lot less about the Kirk, which would be the case if there were nothing to discuss.  

It's sad that you don't see the difference between Prevailing Winds and Viper Gal Sin Wind in origin, intent, inspiration, and content, but I really don't care.  I just "really don't care" while not hiding like a coward behind anonymity, something that you, as a gentleman, ought to applaud.  Even though you hate what I say, you know that it was Keely who said it.  


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What's the difference between a web site that is 
created for no other reason then to "bother" a local church, its Pastor, and its 
elders and a site that does pretty much the same thing in reverse aside from the 
formers ideological compatibility with your own personal 
All the breathless and overblown rhetoric, 
which would most certainly include creepy, cyber stalking, criminal activity, 
and perhaps the most over the top, mortal sin, is the apex of molehill 
mountaineering and manufactured outrage.
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> Dude,
> You set up a website with no purpose 
other than to bother another  
> person. If you don't think that's 
wrong, you need help. I don't care  
> what excuss you think you 
have. You're wrong and the fact that you  
> implicate God in your 
sin -- you pretend it is justified "because God  
> sanctions it" -- 
only makes the sin a mortal one.
> You are in trouble. Get a 
> I pray for your soul, dear brother!
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>> Nick Gier suggests that an apology might 
be in order. If was  
>> convinced that=
>> I had wronged 
Mrs. Mix=2C I would want to repent and seek her  
>> In all seriousness=2C however=2C I think that the most 
>> things on=
>> that blog are the direct 
quotes from=2C and links to=2C her  
>> descriptions 
>> f members of Christ Church and other Christians of their 
>> painting th=
>> em in various shades of 
"vile." I can't repent for her public  
>> although if I have seriously misquoted her or 
distorted her  
>> positions In t=
>> he course of 
criticizing her that might be something to repent of.
And I don't doubt or dispute that she has many fine qualities that  

>> surely e=
>> ndear her to people in her community. For 
example=2C she obviously  
>> has a de=
>> ep concern for 
the healing of the oppressed=2C downtrodden and  
>> broken 
>> e of this world (at least those who managed to make it out of 
>> womb in o=
>> ne piece). One of my reasons for 
criticizing her is because I share  
>> those c=
oncerns and want to see those people truly helped=2C which means  

>> employing =
>> solutions endorsed by the Bible. She has on 
more than one occasion  
>> describe=
>> d herself as 
essentially a utilitarian on matters of social policy:  
>> r seems to help the people who need the most help the 
most=2C she's  
>> all for=
>> it. Thing is=2C not only 
the Bible but also the secular philosophers  
>> long 
>> ago demonstrated the untenability of utilitarianism. Somehow 
>> never see=
>> ms to stop people from trying to 
employ it as a guide to social  
>> Anyway=2C if I have something specific to 
repent of I'd certainly  
>> like to h=
>> ave that 
pointed out to me so I can change.
>> Eimy 
>> =3D= 
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>> Can you handle the truth?
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