[Vision2020] Carl Jung's Red Book

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at verizon.net
Thu Sep 24 11:17:58 PDT 2009

This post is about a book of personality and psychology quite beyond the 
introductory booklet that is given to examinees using the Myers-Briggs Type 
Indicator, or the expository volume Gifts Differing written by its author 
Isabel Briggs Myers. It is about a book that was written concurrently with 
the volume Psychological Types, also by Carl Jung. This volume is said, by 
its author, to be the foundation of the twenty volumes and more he wrote 
later in his life, and which millions have made it their business to study.


I read about this in the print version of The New York Times Magazine
Sunday, the 20th. An interesting study of the erosion of ancestry fame over 
subsequent times, to the point that the grandchildren are acting to save the 
great-grandchildren from the ongoing conflict between their family culture 
and its corrosive environment.

The book will be a shock to those who expect some masterpiece of well thought 
out analytical psychology when they discover that it is scary, unprocessed, 
raw material from which he developed his reasoned and mature works.

It may turn out to be like the effect discovering a whole new Tolkien library 
of unpublished manuscripts, unchanged by time or family, on the world of 
fantasy literature reading and enjoyment, writing and publishing. None of 
them would ever be quite the same again. Before Novus, After Novus. BN, AN.

Monday evening on OnPoint Radio Tom Ashbrook interviewed Sara Corbett, 
the author of the article in The New York Times Magazine, and David Oswald, a 
Jungian analyst, about the book, a copy of which they had on the table in 
front of them.


Here are some images from the book published by W. W. Norton via the show:


The volume is now available to be ordered for delivery in December, 2009, from 
amazon.com: http://tinyurl.com/TheRedBook 


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