[Vision2020] Vision2020 Latah County Just Fooling?

Wayne Price bear at moscow.com
Wed Sep 23 15:17:24 PDT 2009

I just finished the Daily News article  entitled "State overrides  
counties on speed issue" by Dave Johnson from the Trib.

Great article that shines more light and raises questions about local  
government, or more specifically local politicians.

Out in the county, on roads that it is legal to go 55mph, the Highway  
District has posted 35 mph signs, that the Sheriff's Department is  
enforcing, knowing that they will get tossed out in court.
Now that the Highway District has come out and admitted that the signs  
"aren't worth the tin they are printed on", how is a citizen supposed  
to know which 35 mph signs are real and which ones are just
posted for the hell of it?  Now, if you get one of these admittedly  
bogus tickets and instead of rolling over and signing a check to the  
county, you take a day off of work and fight it in court, or get a  
lawyer and fight it in court,
who compensates you for fighting a bogus ticket issued under color of  

Now, the key player in this sad, sick issue is Dan Carscallen,  
secretary of the North Latah County Highway District and  erstwhile  
member of the Moscow City Council.  Nothing stated in the article said  
anything about what it would cost to remove these bogus road signs so  
that people that drive Latah County roads at the legally authorized  
speed limits. It does discuss that an expensive survey is needed to  
lower the speed limits, but nothing about how much it will cost to not  
lie to the people and to give them faith that the signs they read that  
are put up by government are in fact legal, legitimate and can be  

Not a great leap that a politician that tries to lie to the people in  
his 9-5  government job would lie in his part-time government  
position!  He knows the signs are bogus, has admitted they are bogus,  
but does NOTHING about it!

Now imagine,  a driver is pulled over for speeding (over 35 but under  
55) in a 55 mph zone knowingly marked incorrectly at 35. in the back  
seat of the car is evidence of a real crime (drugs / guns / a body /  
bank bags -you pick the evidence and crime). Sure, the evidence is   
seized, but what about the hopes of prosecution based on a bogus  
traffic stop?   Now, based on todays article, the Secretary of the  
Highway District KNOWS the speed limit is bogus,
the Chief Deputy Sheriff KNOWS  the speed limit is bogus, the  
Prosecuting Attorney KNOWS the speed limit is bogus and the local  
Magistrate KNOWS the speed limit is bogus.  What do you think happens  
to the evidence when they try to bring it into court?

How much faith are citizens to place on traffic signs KNOWING that  
there are bogus ones out there?


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