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Courtesy of the Army Times.


A British corporal nicknamed “Combat Barbie” by her colleagues is
launching a new campaign offering discount lingerie to service members,
according to the news Web site:


Katrina Hodge, of the Royal Anglian Regiment, is helping publicize La
Senza’s offer of a 15 percent discount to members of the armed forces. The
22-year-old Hodge, who placed second in this year’s Miss England contest,
has served in Iraq, where she was “recognized for her bravery.” “I am
enjoying the attention and profile but my job is still as an army
soldier,” she said. “I love the army life and if this encourages more
women to join up then that would be brilliant.”


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‘Combat Barbie’ Katrina Hodge for Senza Lingerie Campaign
Medaled Corporal turns model again for the Armed Forces

Katrina Hodge is 22 years old and makes a living as a Corporal with the
Royal Anglican regiment, having been awarded a medal for the bravery she
displayed when she managed to disarm an Iraqi insurgent at the age of only
18. She also works as a part-time model and, as such, she is now the face
of the latest campaign from the La Senza lingerie giant, which offers a
considerable discount to all men and women in the Armed Forces, The Sun

La Senza first noticed the beauty, who has been endearingly dubbed by her
mates “Combat Barbie,” when she participated in the Miss England beauty
pageant, where she came in second after Rachel Christie, the first black
woman to ever win the title. The lingerie giant contacted her and she, of
course, gladly accepted the offer, especially since she had full support
from the army for it.

“I am enjoying the attention and profile but my job is still as an army
soldier. I love the army life and if this encourages more women to join up
then that would be brilliant. I’m so proud of this campaign and I really
hope that it encourages other high street stores to offer discounts to men
and women in the armed forces.” Hodge tells the British media of her
decision to pose in the Senza underwear for the latest campaign.

In agreeing to do the campaign (photos from it are already in circulation
in the media and on the Internet), Hodge has become yet another
spokesperson for women all over, just like the reigning Miss England also
is, it is being said. Rachel Christie, for instance, was saying a short
while back, after winning the much-coveted tiara, that she refused to
believe being black was an excuse for failure and that she was hoping
other girls like her would see her example as one worthy of being
followed. Pursuing one’s dreams and achieving whatever goals one set for
oneself should never be dependent on race, Christie explained at the time.

“You hear black kids say: ‘I can’t do anything with my life. I live in a
ghetto.’ I say: ‘Well, get off your backside and get out of it. Stop
making your ethnicity an excuse.’ I want to show them you can do anything
you want, whatever your color. I don’t like hearing: ‘I can’t do this or
that because I’m black.’ They should stop behaving in a way that
stereotypes them. If you come across as smart, if you dress nicely and
speak well, it shouldn’t make a difference if you’re black or white. Maybe
some people have experienced racial discrimination. Not me.” Christie
said. At the same time, the beauty is also training to participate in the
2012 Olympics.


Katrina "Combat Barbie" Hodge



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