[Vision2020] Say What?

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Wed Sep 16 09:00:33 PDT 2009

Chuck -

So, as I understand your comment . . .

Your concern is related to a war (Afghanistan) that we had gotten
ourselves into eight years ago (that we have been ignoring for the past
six years) of which there is no easy withdrawal, and supposed US bombings
of Pakistani peasants for whom we should have built schools back in the
80s under Reagan?


As far as the LBJ-thing . . .

You realize, of course, that Johnson refused to run for reelection in 1968
because he had felt that the American people had lost faith in him after
it had been determined that General Westmoreland had been lying to him
(and, ultimately, the American people) all along.

Had this happened under King Geroge the 43rd, Westmoreland would have been
promoted and assigned more responsibilities.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

> Well Tom,
> To begin with the easy one:
> We are still in Iraq, ratcheting it up in Afghanistan and bombing peasants
> in Pakistan. I went through that once with Lyndon Johnson and I'm not
> going
> to do it again with President Obama.  If an election were held tomorrow, I
> would not vote for him on that basis alone.  Chuck Kovis

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