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Saundra, Wayne, Bev, Keely and Ralph
I was objecting to the last part, namely that the rich  and powerful are arrogant and want to keep people from having adequate health care. Why is it that those of you on the left must impinge peoples motives. You seem to think  that if people do not hold your view that they are heartless bastards. People of good will have different views. There are plenty of thing wrong with the present system. It is arguable that the current bills will solve the problems. In my view some of things that need to be done are tort reform, make insurance portable, and let people buy insurance where ever they want. These are just a few.
In regard to Ralph's question. The shoe should be on the other foot. Please give valid evidence that Hoggart's statement is accurate, not just accusations because you disagree with those that do not want a government run program.
I will be at the fair the rest of the week, so I will not be responding to any emails. Stop by the Grange and have a milk shake.
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> OK, Roger, will you please give us the reasons and facts that back up  
> your claim?
> Is Simon Hoggart telling the truth or is he a liar?
> Ralph
> lfalen lfalen at turbonet.com
> Mon Sep 14 10:38:15 PDT 2009
> This statement is ridiculous and has no bases [basis?] in reality.
> Roger
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>  > "All over the US there are people whose lives are being destroyed  
> for lack
>  > of proper health care provision, and there is no sight more odious  
> than
>  > the rich, powerful, and arrogant trying to keep it that way"
>  >
>  > - Simon Hoggart, Political sketch artist for the UK Guardian
>  > http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/simonhoggart
>  > 

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