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Just counted four bikers not use turn signals today. Two more swirve from sidewalk to other sidewalk and one more blow through a stoplight today. That was just my usual 30 minute time downtown/campus.


So my question to you, why not ticket those infractions as well as the usual driver ones too? What is so wrong with biker safety?




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Bicyclists and pedestrians are the enemy.  
Motorized vehicles are our friends.
The MPD doesn't give a rat's ass about vehicle infractions except DUIs , especially if they are not committed by white trash or other minorities.

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Why have I not seen one reminder yet of the responsibilities of the driver? Just the other day I saw a police car drive through a crosswalk while people were walking in it. How many citations were written for this offense, I wonder?

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118 East 4th Street
Moscow, Idaho 83843
Tel: 208-882-COPS    Fax: 208-882-4020


Moscow Police Department Officers are focusing efforts on increasing public awareness related to bicycle safety.

In an effort to increase public awareness and reduce the number of vehicle/bicycle collisions, M.P.D. Officers will be focusing their efforts on violations pertaining to the following traffic codes:

-Idaho Code: 49-720
When approaching a stop sign, on a roadway, bicycles must slow to a reasonable speed and yield to vehicles in the intersection and vehicles approaching the intersection; so close as to constitute an immediate hazard. Even though bicycles are not required to come to a complete stop at stop signs, if they are on the roadway, they are not excused from yielding and proceeding, only after waiting their appropriate turn. Their turn to proceed is assigned the same as that of other vehicles on the roadway.

-Idaho Code: 49-720
A bicycle, operated on the roadway, must stop when approaching a red traffic signal. The Bicyclist may then proceed as if the red light is a stop sign. The bicyclist must yield the right of way to all vehicles operating on the roadway with the applicable green or yellow light.

-Idaho Code: 49-702, 49-714
Bicycles operated on the roadway have the same responsibilities as motor vehicles to use appropriate lanes, appropriate speed, direction of travel, to not impede traffic, and yield or stop if need be for pedestrians in crosswalks. Bicycles are not permitted to pass vehicles on the right and bicyclists are required to use due caution.

-Idaho Code: 49-721
Bicycles must yield to foot traffic when on sidewalks.

-Idaho Code: 49-803
Pedestrians and bicycles leaving sidewalks must obey pedestrian control signals. It is unlawful to begin crossing the roadway when a signal shows a solid or flashing “Don’t Walk”.

-Idaho Code: 49-704
It is unlawful for pedestrians to cross roadways diagonally or between adjacent intersections where traffic signals are in operation. 

DANIEL L. WEAVER                                                                        Prepared by: 
            Chief of Police                                                                          Officer Bruce Lovell

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