[Vision2020] Need some advice

Sue Hovey suehovey at moscow.com
Wed Oct 28 11:50:38 PDT 2009

She probably has more books than you do...don't be an ass....

Sue H. 
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> Take her to the library, get her a BOOK!
> Dave
> Sue Hovey wrote:
>> Hello there folks,
>> I've been thinking about getting our daughter, Leslie, a Kindle so she 
>> will have opportunities to read books in which she's interested.  
>> Here's the problem:  Her interest level is "LIttle House, etc." but 
>> her reading level is "middle first grade" or lower.  What I want to 
>> get her is something that will let her read independently, but if she 
>> doesn't know one single word she can point to it (or whatever) and it 
>> will audibly give her the word.  The program, Leapfrog, does that and 
>> she uses it, but the books are kindergarten, primary.  I want 
>> something more at her interest level.  To those of you who use Kindle, 
>> will it do that?   I know the new models have audio, but I don't know 
>> if they will isolate one single word, and when I read the description 
>> of the instrument, that isn't clear to me. 
>> Thanks for your advice.
>> Sue Hovey
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