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Funny, I just wrote about this on my blog, below, if anyone's interested.

Please, please -- single file, everyone.  No need to push . . . 


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Let's hope viewers identify Crackpotland with Christ Church Cult, NSA (No 
Science Allowed), Logos, Canon Press, etc and not with Moscow, Idaho, although 
this might be too much to hope for.

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And here's the link to info about the movie: http://www.collisionmovie.com/ and 
  a link to Pastor Wilson with Chris Hitchens for an hour on the 
  nationally-syndicated Laura Ingraham Show today (haven't listened to it 
  yet): http://right-mind.us/blogs/blog_0/archive/2009/10/23/70483.aspx  
It's always intriguing when someone around here gains 
  a degree of notoriety beyond our region.  Can we anticipate a showing and 
  spirited (yet hopefully mutually respectful) discussion at the Nuart and/or 
  Kenworthy sometime soon? 
- Selina

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Subject: [Vision2020] Local Media Celebrity


Faith No More
What I've learned from debating religious people 
  around the world.
By Christopher Hitchens
Posted Monday, Oct. 26, 2009, 
  at 11:21 AM ET

This week sees the opening on various cinema marquees of 
  the film Collision: a buddy-and-road movie featuring last year's debates 
  between Pastor Douglas Wilson, who is a senior fellow at New St. Andrew's 
  College, and your humble servant. (If I may be forgiven, it's also available 
  on DVD, and you can buy our little book of exchanges, Is Christianity Good for 
  the World?)

Newsweek's reviewer beseeches you not to go and see the 
  film, largely on the grounds that it features two middle-aged white men trying 
  to establish which one is the dominant male. I would have thought that this 
  would be reason enough to buy a ticket, but perhaps she would have preferred 
  the debate held in London last week featuring me and Stephen Fry (two 
  magnificent specimens of white mammalhood) versus a female member of 
  Parliament who is a Tory Catholic convert and the Roman Catholic archbishop of 
  Abuja, Nigeria. It filled one of the largest halls in the city, and many 
  people had to be turned away. For a combination of reasons, the subject of 
  religion is back where it always ought to be—at the very center of any 
  argument about the clash of world views.

Continues at: http://www.slate.com/id/2233586/

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