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This is a public safety message from the City of Moscow Police
Department regarding pedestrian safety and motor vehicles.  


Idaho law says that a pedestrian who wants to leave a place of safety,
the sidewalk, to use a crosswalk, must stop at the curb and make sure it
is safe to enter the crosswalk first before stepping into the crosswalk.


After a pedestrian has stopped and looked to make sure it is safe to
enter the crosswalk an added safety precaution would be to keep an eye
on approaching traffic.    


Motorists are required to stop for pedestrians who are entering, or
about to enter, a crosswalk.  


Please remember, when approaching a school bus with yellow lights
flashing it is a warning that the bus is going to stop.  When the red
lights are flashing it warns you that the stop sign is out and you must
stop.  Watch for the red lights and look for the stop arm on the left
side of the bus.  


Take the time out of your day to keep our children safe.  Slow to 15 mph
in school zones.  

Watch for the signals on the bus as you approach.  Slow for yellow
lights and stop for red lights and the stop arm.  


Daniel L. Weaver
Prepared by Officer Rick Whitmore

Chief of Police
Crime Prevention





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