[Vision2020] Silly Blunder Re: Winnipeg 26 F. (Maybe closer to 23-25 degrees F.) Above Moscow Last Night 5 AM?

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 18:31:05 PDT 2009

When figuring time to more easterly time zones, time is added not
subtracted.  Thus 5 AM Moscow time (Pacific) is 7 AM Winnipeg time
(Central), not 3 AM, as I wrote.  Yikes!  The temperature chart I referenced
does show Winnipeg at about 32 F. at 3 AM, though this time appears to be
Eastern Daylight Time, as the chart says, so the 3 AM temperature on the
chart is actually 2 AM Winnipeg (moving from eastern time zones to western
zones time is subtracted), "Midnight in Moscow" (I love that song!
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow_Nights ), if I am not making more
blunders.  Anyway, at 7 or 8 AM in Winnipeg, according to the temperature
chart, with temperature in Celsius, it was below 32 F., but only by
about  1-2 degrees F., so when I checked the local outdoor
thermometer reading  6 F. at 5 AM, the temperature difference in Winnipeg
was 24-25 degrees F. warmer, not 26 degrees F., still a rather huge
difference given Winnipeg is on average colder than Moscow for this date in

If there are any silly blunders in the previous numbers, accept my apologies
in advance.

"Midnight In Moscow" lyrics:


Even whispers aren't heard in the garden,
Everything has died down till morning.
If you only knew how dear to me
Are these Moscow nights.

The river moves, unmoving,
All in silver moonlight.
A song is heard, yet unheard,
In these silent nights.

Why do you, dear, look askance,
With your head lowered so?
It is hard to express, and hard to hold back,
Everything that my heart holds.

But the dawn's becoming ever brighter.
So please, just be good.
Don't you, too, forget
These summer, Moscow nights.

On 10/11/09, Ted Moffett <starbliss at gmail.com> wrote:
> While listening to 990 AM CBC Radio One from Winnipeg (off the airwaves,
> not Internet), Manitoba last night at about 5 AM PDST (3 AM in Winnipeg),
> they announced the temperature as 0 degrees (32 Fahrenheit), in Celsius,
> given Canada is in the modern scientific age and officially uses the metric
> system.  I had just checked an outdoor thermometer (near Joel/Cornwall
> between Moscow and Troy) and the temperature was 6 F. or minus 14.4 C.
> At first I thought I must have heard the radio announcer wrong, given
> Winnipeg has colder average temperatures for this date in October than
> Moscow, Idaho.  So I checked, and indeed at 3 AM in Winnipeg it was 0
> Celsius, 26 degree F. warmer than the outdoor thermometer I checked:
> http://winnipeg.weatherstats.ca/
>     City <http://www.weatherstats.ca/>]
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