[Vision2020] ID Public Records Law: UI

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 5 14:29:53 PDT 2009

Wayne Price wrote:
> Paul,
> I think the point that Saundra and Rosemary were trying to make is 
> that here on the hill (U of I) we pay 191.00 per pay period ( 26 x 
> 191=$4,966.00 per year) for the same type of coverage that LCSC  or 
> anyone in the state insurance fund pays  1,308.00 for!   (12x 
> 109=$1,308.00). Now, where is the EXTRA  $3,658.00 going? And if ONLY 
> 1,000 of the employees are getting that type of insurance from  U of 
> I, that means $3,658.000.00 OVER.   Based on the track record of the U 
> of I, I sure as hell don't think they are responsible enough to be let 
> loose with a slush fund paid into by the employees!  Does "Idaho 
> Place", ring a bell?  Something stinks with the current program, and 
> I'm hoping someone or some organization (Faculty Senate?) can get some 
> answers to these questions from the HBT!

I'm not trying to be antagonistic here, but I'm skeptical that the UI 
has raked in an extra $3.5 million on the health plan.  Where does the 
$191 per pay period number come from?  Which plan, what options?  Has 
anyone asked for numbers of participants per plan?  I don't know if we 
can get these numbers, but it would be nice to know what LCSC pays 
average per employee compared to the U of I.  That might be something we 
can sink our teeth into.

I'd just like to see some firmer numbers.

> And that $5.00 dollar fitness tax is also a joke! When are the run of 
> the mill employees supposed to use those facilities?  Who has time to 
> take off DURING THE DAY and get down to the gym?  Or, is it a "hidden" 
> benefit that employees can and do take off and use the gym during 
> working hours?

I'm with you on the wellness amount.  I don't use their facilities, and 
if I did I wouldn't mind paying extra for it.  I used to do that.


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