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Monday, October 5, 2009
7:00 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers

 206 East Third Street, Second Floor

The Moscow Mayor, City Council and Staff welcome you to tonight's
meeting.  We appreciate and encourage public participation.  For regular
agenda items, an opportunity for public comment is sometimes provided
after the staff report.  However, the formality of procedures varies
with the purpose and subject of the agenda item; therefore, the Mayor
may exercise discretion in deciding when to allow public comment during
the course of the proceedings and limitations may be placed on the time
allowed for comments.  Citizens wishing to comment on business that is
not on the agenda will be provided the opportunity to do so as item
number 3.  If you plan to address the Council, you will find a list of
"Tips for Addressing the Council" in the door pocket outside the City
Council Chambers.  Thank you for your interest in City government.


RENEWING OUR FOCUS - At each meeting one City Council member will
present an example of patriotism, humanitarianism, community spirit, or
other inspirational message then lead the group in the Pledge of
Allegiance.  Contact a Council-member with examples to share at future


Proclamations for International Walk to School Day and Domestic Violence
Awareness Month - Mayor Chaney


1.       Consent Agenda:  Any item will be removed from the consent
agenda at the request of any member of the Council and that item will be
considered separately later.  Approval by roll call vote.


A.     Approval of Minutes of September 21, 2009 - Stephanie Kalasz


B.     2618 Castleford Street Lot Line Adjustment (Michael & Catherine
DiNoto - Mike Ray

Michael and Catherine DiNoto are requesting a lot line adjustment for
two (2) adjacent 12,747 and 16,917 sq ft parcels of land located at 2618
Castleford St and 2621 Granville St and legally described as Lots 2 and
5, Block 6 of Southgate 2nd Addition to the City of Moscow. Mr. and Mrs.
DiNoto are proposing to amend the north/south lot line that separates
the two (2) parcels in order to have the lot line follow the natural
topography of the lots. 2618 Castleford St currently contains one (1)
single family dwelling and 2621 Granville St is a vacant parcel. Both
parcels are located in the Low Density Single Family Residential (R-1)
Zoning district, and are required by the Zoning Code to be a minimum of
9,600 sq ft in size and 80 ft wide. The result of the proposed lot line
adjustment will render the lots approximately 13,801 sq ft and 15,863 sq
ft in size and will meet all zoning requirements for parcels located in
the R-1 Zone.  Reviewed by the Public Works/Finance Committee on
September 28, 2009.


ACTION:  Approve the lot line adjustment.


C.     Moscow Charter School Request for HIRC Rental Fee Reduction -
Dwight Curtis/Peggy Brodien, Principal

Moscow Charter School (MCS) is requesting the continued use of the
Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center (HIRC) facility at the 2008-2009
rates.  This request is retroactive to the beginning of the present
school year. A similar request was also made a year ago and the Council
agreed to keep the rates at the FY08 levels with the understanding that
the new rates would apply for the 2009-2010 school year.  MCS has a new
principal and she has inherited a budget shortfall, which is the basis
for this request.  This proposal is similar to their previous request,
with the exception that this year in return for the discounted rate,
they offer their facility for use in the evenings and/or on weekends for
Parks and Recreation.  They have 8 classrooms, a multi-purpose room and
an open space room that can be used.  Our program staff toured the MSC
facilities and reported favorably toward program possibilities there.
At the time Council Committee packets were due, the Parks and Recreation
Commission had not met to discuss this specific request, but will meet
September 24th and their recommendation will be presented verbally by
the Parks and Recreation Director at the Public Works/Finance Committee
meeting.  Staff is favorably open to the request although with some
concerns about loss of unrecoverable revenues projected in the budget
plan. Also, if the request is granted staff would request that it be for
the present school year only so they may evaluate the program before
recommending options for the future.  Reviewed by the Public
Works/Finance Committee on September 28, 2009.


ACTION:  Approve the Moscow Charter School request for HIRC Rental Fee
Reduction for the present school year retroactive to the beginning of
the school year and subject to change based on program needs.


2.       Mayor's Appointments - Mayor Chaney


3.       Public Comment and Mayor's Response Period (limit 15 minutes)
- For members of the Public to speak to the Council regarding matters
NOT on the Agenda and not currently pending before the Planning and
Zoning Commission or Board of Adjustment, please state your name and
address for the record and limit remarks to three minutes.  Mayor will
respond to comments from previous meeting. 


4.       EPA Brownfield Coalition Grant Application - Alisa Stone

In October 2008, the City of Moscow, Latah County and the Moscow Urban
Renewal (MURA) Agency agreed to form an Assessment Coalition in order to
submit a grant request to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for
Brownfield Assessment Assistance.  The grant application was submitted
in November 2008 and we received notification in April 2009 that it was
not funded.  After receiving this notification EPA sent a representative
from the Region X Office to meet in Moscow with the parties involved in
preparing the application and outlined how the grant could be improved
to resubmit for the next round of funding due October 16, 2009.  Staff
has met with Latah County and the MURA and they have both agree to
participate in the Coalition to submit a grant application with the City
for the upcoming round of funding.  A Coalition application will
increase access to assessment resources for property owners that have
limited resources and will help the City, County, and MURA to focus
assessment dollars on geographical areas with the greatest need over
time.  The grant recipient (lead Coalition member) will be the City of
Moscow.  The City will administer the grant and be accountable to EPA
for proper expenditure of funds and will be the point of contact for the
other Coalition members.  If the grant is awarded, a "Memorandum of
Agreement" documenting the Coalition's site selection process must be in
place prior to expenditure of funds.  Program management will be a
combination of City personnel and will be provided as in-kind match
valued at $60,000 over the three project period.  Reviewed by the
Administrative Committee on September 28, 2009.


ACTION:  Approve the grant application; or reject the grant application;
or take such other action deemed appropriate.


5.       Draft Snow Removal Ordinance Regarding Sidewalks and Fire
Hydrants - Randy Fife/Dwight Curtis

The City Council recently gave staff direction relative to the
recommendations made by the Snow Removal Task Force.  These
recommendations included the recommendation to not require that
sidewalks be cleaned of snow displaced by City snowplows after the owner
had removed the natural snowfall and the recommendation to require that
property owners or people controlling property adjacent to fire hydrants
must keep the hydrants free of snow regardless of its origin and whether
or not that person had removed the natural snowfall.  Reviewed by the
Public Works/Finance Committee on September 28, 2009.


ACTION:  Approve the Ordinance under suspension of the rules requiring
three complete and separate readings and that it be read by title and
published by summary; or consider the Ordinance on first reading and
that it be read by title; or reject the Ordinance; or take such other
action deemed appropriate.


6.       Draft Ordinance Designating Polling Place for General Election
- Gary J. Riedner/Stephanie Kalasz

The Association of Idaho Cities recommends designating polling places
for an election via ordinance.  The proposed Ordinance would confirm the
polling place for the upcoming general election as the Latah County
Fairgrounds.  The City has utilized the Fair Grounds as the polling
place for many years and it continues to meet the City's needs.  The
deadline for designation of a polling place is October 5, 2009.


ACTION:  Approve the Ordinance under suspension of the rules requiring
three complete and separate readings and that it be read by title and
published by summary; or consider the Ordinance on first reading and
that it be read by title; or reject the Ordinance; or take such other
action deemed appropriate.





Administrative Committee

            Public Works/Finance Committee

            Other Boards & Commissions








Stephanie Kalasz, CMC

Moscow City Clerk



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