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I don't know where you get your information that 135 million American believe as Buchanan does. However, I do agree that illegal immigration is a serious threat to the survival of the United States as an economically strong nation with a positive future. 
The strength of the United States is based on the diversity which it has, a commitment and loyalty to the nation, a willingness to put more into the community than they take out, and adherence to its laws and conversion to its societies norms.  
I don't think see that with most illegal immigrants. For starters, most of them don't even hold a loyalty to the United States and many are not even willing to learn English. Many of them wish to convert their environment to the nation they came from, not convert to the US. 
Second, they do not follow the nation's laws. They disobey and destroy the communities they live in, and send money out of the country, to their country of origin. They often return to their nation of origin and still do not consider the US home. They just work here seasonally, or for just a few years. 
Third, they take jobs from other US Citizens. Which weakens the economy, increased unemployment, and reduces tax revenues. 
Look at California and Southern Nevada. These areas are stricken with dire poverty, record unemployment rates, astronomical deficits, and an inability to govern themselves. The proof is in the pudding.
There is absolutely no reason to support a system which exploits illegal workers, US workers, and the community tax base in favor of a handful of businesses trying to make a few bucks.  
Finally, It is incredibly discriminatory to deny people who follow the law in over 200 nations worldwide fair and equitable access to the US and bid on a chance for citizenship in favor of flooding the country with illegal immigrants from a handful of nations to our south that follow no rules or restricts. 
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I'm far more concerned about the 135 million people in this country who believe as Pat Buchanan does, presuming that the only way our nation "survives" is if it remains, or reverts to, a nation full of European-immigrant descendants.  My 11 years of ministering to largely undocumented Mexican immigrants has convinced me that we have nothing to fear, and much to gain, from Hispanic immigration.  Recognizing that we have millions of hard-working, loyal, decent immigrants who desperately love the United States of America would best be demonstrated by a broad and generous amnesty, one that enfranchises people and, not insignificantly, allows the country to collect taxes and regulate employer abuse they often suffer.  

Why Pat Buchanan is so frightened would be a mystery to me, if I didn't read his stuff and have it confirmed that the "browning" of America, and the "accented" English he hears, threaten his position as a privileged white male and his dream of a country led and populated by people just like him.  Believe me, he makes it perfectly clear . . . 


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> "Who is going to care 30 years from now whether a Sunni or a Shia is in 
> Baghdad or who's ruling in Kabul? We're going to have 135 million 
> Hispanics in the United States by 2050, heavily concentrated in the 
> southwest. The question is whether we're going to survive as a country."
> - Pat Buchanan
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