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If you want to see the Vandals win, watch the girls, not the boys.

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If you've grown used to the Vandals being bad in basketball, and have quit paying attention, that has changed for both the men's and women's teams.  Men's head coach Don Verlin should hands down be named the WAC coach of the year.  He took over a team picked to finish dead last in the conference, and with two regular season games left tonight and Saturday night, he could lead the Vandals to a winning record and a high seed in the conference tournament.  This is a fun team.   Carl Westberg Jr.

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Vandal women wrapped up their home season with a sad loss
last night against Nevada, but the men take on two really tough teams at home
tonight then on Saturday night: Louisiana Tech (tonight—we lost to them
at La Tech 63-74) and Fresno State (Saturday—we beat them on their court 71-68).
In my experience, the team plays better when there is a large crowd. Not a
basketball fan? Go just to hear and watch the band! The band was absent during
Winter Break and it just isn’t the same without them there.


Tickets are available at the door (I think for $10, or
thereabouts) and tip off is at 7:05 for both games. Go Vandals!


Jennifer L. Ingalls


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