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Courtesy of today's (June 1, 2009) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.


Jones leaving office for the links

Longtime Moscow School District employee retiring from position, but plans
to stay involved
By Halley Griffin, Daily News staff writer

Carole Jones is finally getting some much-needed tee time after 33 years
in the Moscow School District.

"I plan to play a lot of golf," Jones said. "So many courses, so little

But even as she spends time on the links, Jones will continue to be
involved with Paradise Creek Regional High School and the district's
ongoing push for facilities funding from the state.

These are two issues she said will occupy her thoughts as long as she's

Jones will retire at the end of this school year from her position as
principal of both Russell Elementary School and Paradise Creek Regional
High School.

"My passion is at-risk students, so that will be a lifelong issue for me
to stay involved in that arena," she said.

She also will continue to be an advocate for facilities funding, a fight
she said she'll "never give up."

Jones spent about 25 years as a special education teacher at Moscow Junior
High School before becoming principal.

Now she keeps a photograph of Thelma Collins in her office. Collins was
Russell's first principal, and oversaw construction of the building in
1927. She made $120 per month.

"I keep her picture across from my desk and I'm reminded daily that we're
all just passing through, and we're caretakers of Russell's rich history,"
Jones said.

She has tried to instill that sense of history in her students, many of
whom had grandparents and great-grandparents attend Russell as well.

Also prominent in Jones's office is a plaque that simply says "laugh."

Her only advice to incoming principal Ed Norman is to laugh a lot.

"The job I have is a 'We' situation, not an 'I,' " Jones said. "When times
got rough (my colleagues) kept me laughing."

Jones said she'd like to leave her teachers with a piece of advice as well.

"Never lose that magic in the classroom despite the politics or outside
forces," she said. "This is the one thing that I'll remember by whole
career, whether it's 33 years ago or today, is the magic of seeing a
really good teacher in the classroom with students."

Jones said it's also important to remember that teachers only have one
chance with their students.

"These students are what it's all about," she said.


Retiring Russell Elementary School principal Carole Jones poses in her
office with a picture of first Russell principal, Thema Collins, Thursday
in Moscow. (contributed photo)



Seeya round town, Moscow.

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