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Stephanie Kalasz skalasz at ci.moscow.id.us
Wed Dec 30 08:33:09 PST 2009


118 East 4th Street

Moscow, Idaho 83843

Tel: 208-882-COPS    Fax: 208-882-4020




December 29, 2009


On 12-29-09 at about 4:03 pm (Pacific Standard Time) people owning cell
phones with SPRINT services may have received a text message saying
their Latah Federal Credit Union card had been deactivated.  The message
states to re-activate your card to call the number of 208-301-9136.  The
Moscow Police Department and the Latah Federal Credit Union asks that
people not to respond to this message.  This is an on going scam.  


If a person calls this number you will hear an automated recording
asking you to enter your pin number and account number.  The person(s)
on the other end can use the tones from the phone to get number a person
has pushed and they will then have your card information.  The telephone
numbers are called possibly with an automated dialing system, much like
telemarketers use.  The person(s) enter an area code and the phone
prefix and the computer system starts dialing random numbers and sends
an automated text message.  


To date, most of these messages have been sent on phones with sprint
service.  Again we want to ask everyone not to respond to these messages
and not provide any banking information of any kind that comes to you
via text or e-mail messages.  




Prepared by: 

            Chief of Police
Assistant Chief David Duke



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