[Vision2020] The Third Street Vehicle Bridge Saga Continues

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I've made no secret about the fact that I have always been in favor of a
vehicular bridge across Paradise Creek at Third Street.  The language in the
plan was changed so as not to completely eliminate the option  of a
vehicular bridge in the future.  Will it be built next year?  In the next
five? I don't know, but whatever happens the option should be there.


The bridge should have been built 40 years ago, in my opinion.




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What a waste of money, and that's just to study potentially spending more
even more money to build a bridge.


I can't believe the council would vote to threaten kids who will have to
navigate more cars on their way to Lena Whitmore.


We don't need another route to mountain view.


Dan lives in that neighborhood.  Why would he vote for this?


Makes no sense to me...



Garrett Clevenger


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