[Vision2020] The strange case of Dan Noble

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Wed Dec 9 15:44:11 PST 2009

Realizing that I have absolutely no knowledge of Mr. Dan Noble, coupled
with high praise being expressed for him by people I consider good
friends, I browsed the UI website looking items related to Mr. Dan Noble.

What I found was very pleasant to read, extremely laudatory of Mr. Noble,
and strongly suggests that this incident is not only isolated, but very
uncharacteristic of the man who wrote in the September 17, 2007 edition of
the UI Argonaut . . .


More to a University than Students and Faculty
by Dan Noble

The University of Idaho serves an important role in the local
community--contributing to the economic welfare of the area, and educating
thousands of people each year – both inside and outside its classroom

Think back to those college years: many people have fond memories of a
professor from college who mentored, inspired or challenged them on their
path to a career. Or they vividly remember the living groups, friends or
activities. But take a different look at the picture.

A university also consists of hundreds of people who work behind the
scenes to provide each person who walks through the doors or calls on the
phone with a positive University of Idaho experience.

The recruitment, admissions and financial aid staff work diligently to
capture a student's interest. The facility and landscape crew keep the
lawns green, the shrubs trimmed and the campus beautiful for those
positive first impressions, ongoing beauty and many campus interactions.

The administrative assistants send reminders about deadlines, provide
detailed insight into how the university functions, answer the phones,
schedule meetings and lend a supportive ear to students and faculty alike.
The advisers, Counseling Center staff and many others help students
through personal struggles, concerns or adjustments.

The information technology staff keeps computers operational and provide
much-needed support in this technological day and age. The fiscal staff
keeps the business and research enterprise accountable and operational.
The Bookstore staff orders the books and keeps the Vandal Gear
sufficiently stocked. The alumni staff keeps Vandals coming home to Idaho
years after they've graduated. The events staff ensures the set-up and
take-down of all events is seamless.

The graphic designers, writers, print operators, cleaning crew, librarians
and countless other individuals all work hard day in and day out,
evenings, weekends, holidays and more, to make the University of Idaho a
top-notch school to attend and a strong community partner.
We've designated Sept. 17-21 as Staff Appreciation Week to applaud the
members of the university family whose contributions may go unseen.
Whether dealing directly with students or performing behind-the-scenes
functions, the efforts of our staff are essential to the smooth and
efficient operation of the university.

As a member of the President's Cabinet, I work with high-level
administrators who have made it quite clear that this university would
grind to a halt if it weren't for the hard work and dedication of our very
talented staff.

As President Tim White recently said, "The strength of our university is
based on the dedication, effort and quality of our employees, individually
and collectively. I recognize that your efforts – day in and day out –
help created the university environment that we cherish and, in doing so,
create opportunities and support the learning and creative work of our
students and faculty."

Simply stated, we couldn't do it without them.

Take time today to thank someone you know at the University of Idaho for a
job well done.

- Dan Noble


Note for Nick Gier:  Would you be interested iin creatinig a Dan Noble
support group, a group that would relect that, although this icident is
painful andregretful, it is not characteristic of the Dan Noble many of us
have come to know?

How about it, Nick?

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"The Pessimist complains about the wind, the Optimist expects it to change
and the Realist adjusts his sails."

- Unknown

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