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To expand on Mike Kirk's tenure at KUID, this from a history of Idaho Public Television: " Award-winning, national producer Michael Kirk (known for his work on
PBS' FRONTLINE series) began his television career as a reporter for
KUID. "KUID was one of the great experiences of my career. I had the
opportunity to try everything — we produced a talk show, we made a
magazine show, music, arts, sports, and of course, documentaries.
Because we could actually lay our hands on equipment and had just
enough skilled people around, we managed to learn by doing — and I
believe the mistakes we made, and the many successes taught me
countless lessons about television production," Kirk said.
Local productions are usually well received among IdahoPTV viewers.
But, two KUID-produced documentaries set off a controversy that
resulted in today's Idaho Public Television structure: CEDAR THIEF
(1978), about timber practices in northern Idaho, and KELLOGG: THE BEST
TO YOU EACH MORNING about lead exposure among children in the Silver
Valley. As a result, the Idaho Legislature in 1981 eliminated all but
$70,000 of public television funding. A year later, the Legislature
relented on condition that Idaho's three stations would be operated as
a statewide network with one general manager, reporting directly to the
Idaho State Board of Education."  Carl Westberg Jr.
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Mike Kirk is a Lewiston native, and in the early to mid seventies was a producer at KUID-TV, Channel 12 at the University of Idaho.  That station put out some very good (not to mention some rather controversial) programs in those days.   Carl Westberg Jr.

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> >  Did you know the producer of this episode, Michael
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> >  Argonaut while he was a student.
> No, I didn't.  Thank you for that information.
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