[Vision2020] Is it ever OK to be a Racist?

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Excellent, Donovan!


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Subject: [Vision2020] Is it ever OK to be a Racist?

Is it ever OK to be a Racist?     Let's say every day on the way to school you got rocks thrown at your head while people called you a monkey, and to go home.     Let's say this same race of people denied you a job, physically blocked you and your children from accessing a hospital, and denied you a right to vote.     Let's say they once went into a town, slaughtered everyone in the town, your grandmother, your little two year sister, your disabled mother, and hung your father from a tree naked, and lit him on fire.     If all this happened to you, your wife, your children, and all your family and friends, from one particular race, would it still be wrong to be racist?     I say yes, it still would be wrong to be a racist.     But is to hard to comprehend that someone that has experienced this in America,
 might have still harbor some hard feelings to those of the race that did this to them?     If it is hard to comprehend this, then you might also have a hard time comprehending what I am about to say.      I don't care if you are person of privilege offended by Rev. Wrights comments. So what if he is a racist. There are many people that are. If we don't want racists in this country, we need to change our country so that Blacks, Hispanics, Middle Easterners, Gays, Lesbians, and many other people in this country are treated fairly so that they don't harbor ill feelings that grow into racism. White people cannot comprehend why a Black man can harbor such feelings toward White people that mistreated him and his family everyday for over 400 years, REALLY? You cannot understand that? You are offended? REALLY? As offended as being denied the right to vote, or getting hit in the head with a rock everyday on the
 way to school? Or getting stripped naked and hung from a tree? That offended?      Boo Hoo to the offended, I don't care that you are offended. I don't want to hear your complaining, your pain is nothing to those that were raised as little Black boys and little Black girls in this country.      Best Regards,     Donovan  

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