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For a refresher concerning last year's rally . . .
Seeya there, Moscow.
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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Iraq Peace March and Rally Planned

To end the Iraq war and channel war resources to beneficial uses, the Palouse Peace Coalition is sponsoring a rally and march on Saturday, March 22, at noon in Friendship Square in downtown Moscow. The event, entitled “Unite for Peace and Justice,” marks 5 years of this war.

The rally will include speakers focusing on the positive benefits to changing course and channeling the American wealth to solve our domestic problems. Several local musicians and the Moscow Volunteer Peace Band will play. Following the rally, a march around the downtown Moscow area is planned.

The Palouse Peace Coalition is a non-partisan educational organization that has sponsored a peace vigil in Friendship Square at 5:30pm each Friday since November 2001.

More information is available at www.palousepeace.org
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