[Vision2020] Retirement of Alan Winkle, PERSI

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PERSI Exec. Director, Alan Winkle, will retire at the end of the year after
22 years of PERSI service.  Under his leadership, PERSI has grown 
from a $1 billion system with $2 billion in liabilities and 65,000 
members in 1986
to one with more than $11 billion in assets, $10.5 billion in liabilities, and
118,000 members today.  PERSI ranks in the top 5 percent of similar retirement
systems in the U.S.

The PERSI Enhancement Legislation has also benefited retirees.  This 
passed in 2000.  The legislation increased the payment rate from 2.0 to 2.2
in the ratio used to calculate retirement benefits.  This increased the payment
benefits to retirees of more than $190,000,000 since 2000 and includes the
capital gains payments of 2001.  Mr. Winkle deserves our acknowledgment
for his outstanding leadership of the PERSI Program.

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