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Saundra Lund sslund_2007 at verizon.net
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Yowsa!  Can anyone confirm the Sonic rumor???  I love pizza & look forward
to trying the new place when it opens, but I love Sonic perhaps even more  J




Moscow, ID


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There's also a lot of renovation going on at the mall. My son is very
excited at the prospect of a Sonic that is rumored too.

Tom Ivie

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Rumor has it that a new restaurant is opening up shop in Moscow.  Smoky
Mountain has been one of my favorite pizza places in Boise for a lot of
years.  An ad on Craigslist in Boise says they are opening up a place in the
Scow.  Since I am not in Moscow to see for sure, I assume maybe they are
moving into the old Brannegans?  Maybe I am way off.  Anyway, check them out
when they open up, you will not be disappointed.
www.smokymountainpizza.com <http://www.smokymountainpizza.com/> 
P.S. Are you watching Obama's speech in Unity, NH?  That dude is a rock

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who thinks that 'it doesn't matter who's President' has never been Drafted
and sent off to fight and die in a vicious, stupid War on the other side of
the World -- or been beaten and gassed by Police for trespassing on public
property -- or been hounded by the IRS for purely political reasons -- or
locked up in the Cook County Jail with a broken nose and no phone access and
twelve perverts wanting to stomp your ass in the shower. That is when it
matters who is President or Governor or Police Chief. That is when you will
wish you had voted." - Hunter S. Thompson


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