[Vision2020] Outage conspiracy

deb debismith at moscow.com
Wed Jun 18 22:27:20 PDT 2008

Indeed. Thanks for pointing out the obvious lack of ability this whiney 
ninny has to get with the reality of life on planet earth...sad he and his 
ilk are such Neanderthals. Some of them have good genetic qualities which 
could be preserved, but most will just die out. Who, other than those with 
doomed genes, would want to mate with them? The attractive, high-end genes 
survive. His are going down the gene pool drain.....

Tongue in cheek (sort of)
Debi R-S

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Subject: [Vision2020] Outage conspiracy

> Vizzers,
> Dale's site is back online now and he's pointing a finger at his network 
> provider for the 12 hour outage:
> http://right-mind.us/blogs/blog_0/archive/2008/06/17/60755.aspx
> I find it very suspicious that Dale's blog would go down at very nearly 
> the exact same time that the first legal same sex wedding was being 
> performed in California yesterday.  And I'm sure that no one will believe 
> that the post immediately before going offline at 4:48pm titled "Redoing 
> the format of marriage licenses in California" with a comment to the 
> effect that "this is a business contract and not a marriage" is just a 
> mere coincidence.
> Yesterday at 5pm PDT was the perfect time for Dale to extend his well 
> wishes to all the happy same sex couples now granted the right to marry in 
> the great state of California, and instead, Dale went silent for 12 
> straight hours.  I find this to be very poor sportsmanship.
> -Scott
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