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I am not aware of anyone that has been held at GTMO for seven years. If they are it is only because they are either not accepted by any country to be released, or they are going to be tried. 
GTMO has been around for over a 100 years. GTMO has not been collecting suspects for 9/11 for seven years yet. And yes, I think 5-6 years is way to long. 
I think GTMO should be shut down. And is another example of Bush and his Administration's incompetent. 
However, I strongly disagree with the decision that the Military should be stripped of its ability to detain enemy combatants for the duration of the conflict. I think it is vital that they be able to do so and this decisions will kill innocents, US soldiers and enemy combatants in future years and future conflicts unnecessarily. 
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> Do you serious think that anybody has been held in Gitmo for more than 7
> years? If so, who?

You misread.  Andreas wrote:

> Even assuming that we can grade justice on a curve, you seriously
> believe that seven years isn't enough time to gather evidence against
> the 160 GTMO detainees that haven't even been charged with a crime?
> Seriously?


... the Gitmo detainees have been held for seven years.  Do you seriously
believe that seven years isn't enough time to gather evidence against them?

As you can see, Andreas didn't claim that anyone had been held in
Gitmo for "more" than seven years.


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