[Vision2020] GITMO Detainees Can Challenge Detention

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So you believe that a terrorist who just shot a US solider who was captured should have more rights than the solider he shot?
Interesting. I would think you would be for the soldiers being able to detain people shooting at them and killing innocent people. I would also think, that you would think our soldiers were more deserving of rights then terrorists that kill innocent people around the world just because they don't follow their particular beliefs.
My advice to all US soldiers is to take no prisoners otherwise they could be back shooting at them after they get out of jail for not having their Miranda Rights read to them upon being taken prisoner, which is required for civilian US prisoners.  
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It is really quite simple, Arnold.

Either the detainees are prisoners of war or they are not.  

If they are prisoners of war, their "care and handling" fall under
governance of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, including that tacky little 
part concerning torture.  If they are suspected of war crimes, they should 
be tried by a military tribunal (remember the Nurnberg Trials?).

If they are not prisoners of war, they fall under the governance of the 
controlling government and its constitution (the US), including that nifty 
part concerning a right to representation at trial.

Since their apprehension was not the result of a "declared" war, they
what they are: detainees.  As such they are subject to our constitution.

But then, you knew all this, didn't you, Arnie?

Tom-Tom "who has been known to 'road test' parts of the
Constitution on 
occassion" Hannie (Tom Hansen)
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