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I don't think it's a surprise, nor much of a secret.  I think it's consistent with everything the Administration has done and with the total lack of an exit strategy.  They never had one because they never planned to leave.

I think Washington will be surprised much the way the crowd was in the story of the Emperor's New Clothes.  It seems to me that the Establishment and mainstream media have always accepted the bs rationales for this war as the truth, and now they're going to pretend to be shocked, shocked, that there's gambling at Rick's. [Yes, I'm trying to get as many lowbrow cultural references as possible into this post.]

I have trouble identifying a plan that involves the slaughter of civilians as utopian; 'unrealistic' or 'unfounded' or 'lacking in precedent' all seem like better choices to me.

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Sunil et. al.
Secret plan?  
Many of the details regarding long term US plans in Iraq in this article are old news, though this exact "deal" may be an attempt to enshrine the plans for a long term "occupation" into a more definite form.

I've been saying for years that the US will be occupying Iraq 50 years from now... John McCain pushes the occupation potentially out to 100 years.  
Any president in power who pushes for a major pull out from Iraq will have to face the possibility of Iran gaining even more influence over Iraq, a rather problematic foreign policy outcome that will discourage pulling out.  Saddam was an enemy of Iran, and kept Iranian influence away.  This was of course part of the reason we gave Saddam military aid during the Iraq/Iran war.  

The US overthrow of Saddam empowered Iran, a nation that was probably more of a long term threat to US interests than Iraq.  It was expected the US could, after invading Iraq, somehow bring about regime change in Iran.  This point was made clearly in military think tank analysis of US foreign policy aims in regards to the Middle East, in articles presented by the Project for a New American Century, infamous neo-con think tank. The fact the Iraq "war" (it is now not a war but an occupation) had been such a disaster, in terms of bringing a coherent stable democracy to Iraq, has impeded the long term goals of regime change in Iran, a more important goal than bringing down Saddam.

I just discovered the PNAC website was "suspended" on May 20, 2008.  This is perhaps an expression of the utter failure of the neo-con agenda, now viewed perhaps as a major political burden for the Republican party!

Consider John Grey's (from the London School of Economics) analysis.
The Iraq invasion was perhaps Utopian, as Grey argues, an expression of the Utopian idealism of "global market capitalism:"
>From URL above:
Instead, the right followed Fukuyama by envisaging global market capitalism as an unstoppable force of nature and panacea. "The characteristics which had been features of communist thinking came about on the right – the militant progressivism, indifference to the casualties of progress, and the belief that the whole world was moving towards some single model and that it should be accelerated by force," says Gray.


The attempt to bring democracy to Iraq was utopian, Gray believes, because even with better planning it would still have failed. "The Kurds would still have broken away. There would still have been a conflict between the Sunni, who had been ruling the country, and the Shia – and a fairly strong Islamist force emerging through the Shia."


Gray thinks war should be only a last resort for self-defence. "The Second
World War was justified. But war shouldn't be used as an instrument for
improving the human condition. That's where I differ from the theories of

pre-emptive war and revolution from the neoconservative right, which to me
exhibits the same kind of thinking as communism did."

He conjectures that the invasion of Iraq sounded the death knell for secular

utopianism. "Iraq practically precludes another large-scale experiment along those lines. No one now, except a few post-Trotskyite neoconservatives in bunkers, talks about overturning all the regimes in the Middle East and replacing them with democracy."

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When do we come out and say it's a colony?

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