[Vision2020] Economist Rankings of the World's Greatest Challenges

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Rep. Trail,
  Has anyone suggested teaching people living in third world countries that most of their starvation and malnutrition problems would go away if they would not be popping out 8 babies a piece?
  What the world needs is more birth control and education not to have more children they cannot afford to raise.
  Best Regards,

Tom Trail <ttrail at moscow.com> wrote:

  Economists recently met in Denmark and ranked the world's greatest challenges.
  Malnutrition and health problems dominated the top ratings.

  Tom Trail

  How to save the world: the verdicts are in from the experts and our readers  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/environment/article4033472.ece  From Times Online  May 30, 2008       Spending £30 billion
  Economists battle it out to rank possible solutions for the great challenges in global stability and security    
   Copenhagen Consensus: the panel's verdict
  1 Micronutrient supplements for children (vitamin A and zinc) Malnutrition  2 The Doha development agenda Trade  3 Micronutrient fortification (iron and salt iodization) Malnutrition  4 Expanded immunization coverage for children Diseases  5 Biofortification Malnutrition  6 Deworming and other nutrition programs at school Malnutrition & Education  7 Lowering the price of schooling Education  8 Increase and improve girls' schooling Women  9 Community-based nutrition promotion Malnutrition  10 Provide support for women's reproductive role Women  11 Heart attack acute management Diseases  12 Malaria prevention and treatment Diseases  13 Tuberculosis case finding and treatment Diseases  14 R&D in low-carbon energy technologies Global Warming  15 Bio-sand filters for household water treatment Water  16 Rural water supply Water  17 Conditional cash transfers Education  18 Peace-keeping in post-conflict situations Conflicts  19 HIV combination prevention Diseases  20 Total
 sanitation campaign Water  21 Improving surgical capacity at district hospital level Diseases  22 Microfinance Women  23 Improved stove intervention Air Pollution  24 Large, multipurpose dam in Africa Water  25 Inspection and maintenance of diesel vehicles Air Pollution  26 Low sulfur diesel for urban road vehicles Air Pollution  27 Diesel vehicle particulate control technology Air Pollution  28 Tobacco tax Diseases  29 R&D and mitigation Global Warming  30 Mitigation only Global Warming     
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