[Vision2020] Tragic history or rumor?

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My family owned Paradise Villa Nursing Home, which is now Aspen Park ...
oh... starting from around 1967, or '68 ... I was at the nursing home
daily... For many years, Steiner Avenue was dirt. Where Steiner begins, by
Dr. Weitz's office was a washboard to the top of the hill, it was horrible!
It took a long time the road to be graveled on a regular basis... Anyway...
 I've lived here over 40 years, and during that time, I was going to say, I
don't recall an accident, however, pondering it, I DO recall an accident at
the top of the hill, and THINK (am not for certain) that there was a death,
or two. This would have been prior to 1971.

Check the achieves at the Daily News, or the library.


On 1/11/08, Lynn McCollough <lmccollough at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello-
> I have heard a rumor that some years ago there was a car accident here in
> Moscow with two fatalities on Indian Hills Drive. This would have been back
> when the road was new, and many of the houses of the neighborhood not yet
> built. The rumor is that it was young folk driving too fast for the curves
> near the west end of the road.
> Has anyone here ever heard of this tragedy? Does anyone here know when it
> was or additional details?
> Thank you for any information,
> Lynn
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