[Vision2020] The FLDS Church

Ralph Nielsen nielsen at uidaho.edu
Wed Apr 30 08:46:15 PDT 2008

We have an FLDS church/ranch a lot closer to Moscow than the one in  
Texas. It is in Bountiful BC, about 30-odd miles down the Kootenai  
River from Bonners Ferry ID. Just google <bountiful bc> and you can  
read all about it.

It is not for nothing that these places are called ranches. Human  
beings are being treated like cattle and they are so brainwashed that  
they actually enjoy it. It's all very religious, of course. Polygamy  
was common for big shots in Old Testament days and the prophet Joseph  
Smith got revelations from God stating that a man must have more than  
one wife to get into an upper layer of heaven after he dies. So they  
are just minding their own business practicing their own religion.

These ranches are operated along perfectly good principles, both  
religious and in keeping with good animal husbandry. According to the  
Bible a man's wives and children are his property.

According to good cattle breeding practice a young heifer is sent to  
be bred by a bull when she reaches breeding age. That is exactly what  
they do on the FLDS ranches. But it is not good practice to breed a  
heifer or cow to her father. So a well managed ranch keeps more than  
one bull. Likewise on FLDS ranches. There is a head bull and several  
auxiliary bulls. But what to with all the surplus bull calves that  
get born? Well, they can't legally turn them into steers so they  
simply kick them off the ranch to fend for themselves. Apparently  
some of these outcasts are to be found in Bonners Ferry and Salt Lake  
City. The head bull in Bountiful BC owns about 30 cows, who have  
given him around 80 calves. A real man of property! And a man of God  

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