[Vision2020] RepTrail on Oil Exploitation of Idahoans?

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Sun Apr 27 14:05:04 PDT 2008

Rep. Trail,
  What are you and the Idaho State Legislature doing about the exploitation by the oil companies of Idahoans?
  Some suggestions, if the phone industry is considered a vital utility and heavily regulated by the government, why doesn't it view "fuel" also as an vital industry that needs to be regulated? Surely, fuel needs to be more regulated than a phone line, which I haven't needed since 2003. 
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ttrail at moscow.com wrote:
  Here is some up-to-date information concerning biofuel trends.

Rep. Tom Trail


Biofuel Production Soars, Despite Concerns

Dustin Doskocil/flickr

Global biofuel production grew 20% in 2007. The U.S. and Brazil now produce
95% of the world's ethanol, and Germany leads in biodiesel production. But
is this good news? Recent scientific studies and rising food prices have
provoked international debate about the role that biofuels should play in
our energy system over the coming years. Read on for a concise analysis of
the most important biofuels trends.


Vital Signs Update: Despite Obstacles, Biofuels Continue Surge 
Biofuels for Transport 


Eye on Earth: Population, Agriculture, Conservation

Worldwatch Vice President Robert Engelman honors Earth Day by reflecting on
our unease with population debates and by discussing his new book, More.

Ben Block explores new, hi-tech ways of conserving species on the
biologically diverse island of Madagascar. He also reports on the recent
call by an international panel of agricultural experts for an end to
environmentally destructive farming methods.


As Earth Day Arrives, Population Still the Uneasy Issue 
Conservationists Map Madagascar's Exotic Wildlife 
International Commission Calls for 'Paradigm Shift' in Agriculture 

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