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When it comes to foreign policy I don't see a whole lot of difference between McCain and Clinton.  I think she'll always list right on this.  While she keeps saying she didn't think Bush would use the authority she helped give him to start the war (hogwash!) she then goes and votes for Kyl-Lieberman.  What, she doesn't think he'll use that as authority to go bomb Iran?  

She is willing to destroy Obama in order to either get the nomination this time or next time; if Obama loses (if he gets the nomination) due to some of the grenades she's lobbing at him now, she'll be back in 2012 saying 'It should have been me.'


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Although I tend to agree with your sentiment, Dave, it is this attitude that will get McCain into the White House.


As much as  I passionately support Barack Obama, unless a third-party candidate has a serious chance of winning the November election, even if Barack Obama does not receive the party nomination, I will be casting my vote for the Democratic Party candidate.  


The alternative of "President McCain" scares me.  


What Bush has irresponsibly and unaccountably gotten away with, under the auspices of ignorant stupidity, will simply be cast aside as "senior moments" under President McCain, and 


- We can then run office pools in guessing when the casualties of the Iraq civil war will achieve the ten thousand, fifteen thousand, twenty thousand, and on and on and on, benchmarks, 


- Our civil liberties vanquished, 


- Our addiction to oil exploited by corporate America and foreign governments,


- Our degenerative economy reducing our nation into a two-class society (the grotesquely rich and the painfully poor) as our government continues to outsource our jobs and our security.


So, although I have lost virtually all my respect for Hillary Clinton, in the absence of Barack Obama, the alternative may cost us considerably more than respect.  It may very well cost our children their hope.


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho

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> I would vote for him too. If Hilary gets the nomination I will vote for 
> either Nader or the Green party candidate which will probably be Cynthia.
> "A vote for the lessor of two evils is still a vote for evil"
> -Jerry Garcia
> Dave
> Bill London wrote:
> > I just finished Barack Obama's first book, "Dreams from My Father," 
> > which he wrote in 1995, before he was first elected to political 
> > office. The book is autobiographical, detailing both his remarkable 
> > racial/cultural heritage and his very personal journey to acceptance 
> > of his responsibilities as an African-American man.
> > 
> > Obama's book is so much better than I expected. First, it is obvious 
> > that he wrote every word -- in 1995, he was too poor and too unknown 
> > to have a ghostwriter. Second, the book shines with a remarkable 
> > passion and integrity. He has an astounding intellect and charisma.
> > 
> > I plan to vote for him every chance I get.
> > 
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