[Vision2020] condemning rape redux/FLDS

Andreas Schou ophite at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 15:24:02 PDT 2008

> I was dismayed but not entirely shocked to see that Courtney has raised
> questions about the legality of the recent raid on the FLDS compound from
> which 416 children were removed.  It appears that the call tipping police
> off to the sexual abuse of children might have originated outside of the
> Yearning For Zion Ranch -- which in this case leads Dale to remind his
> readers of the ominous and obvious similarities to, say, the FBI's raid on
> Waco's Branch Davidians.

I think, unfortunately, that this is a fair criticism. The FBI's raid
of the FLDS compound was based on a false anonymous tip originating in
Colorado. Based on this tip--which, itself, provided  evidence that
only *one* child was being abused, not 416--they removed every last
one of the children in the community from their families.

They didn't have probable cause to believe that every last one of the
children in the compound was being abused--unless, of course, you
count "belonging to a religion promoting polygamy" as not simply being
an environment conducive to abuse (which it is) but, rather,
constituting abuse in and of itself.

-- ACS

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