[Vision2020] Al Sharpton & Pat Robertson Together AddressingClimate Change

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See www.oism.org/project. 19,000 scientists have signed a petition saying global warming probably is natural and probably not a crisis. This does not mean that we should not be concerned about the air pollution, oil and and the environment, only that we should address the problems honestly. Researched should be encouraged to improve air quality. We should drill everywhere the is a possibility of finding oil. At the same time we should encouraged the market to develop alternative energy sources. There are food shortages around the world and people are starving. Research should be done on more drought resistant plants and on desalinisation. Desalination is currently too expensive. Work needs to be done on reducing the cost.
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Subject: [Vision2020] Al Sharpton & Pat Robertson Together AddressingClimate Change

> When I first read that Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson would appear together
> in commercials to advocate action on climate change, I said I would not
> believe it till I saw it.  I just saw it on FX channel, running during the
> film "One Hour Photo" with Robin Williams:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhmpsUMdTH8
> Let's see... If Nick Gier and Douglas Wilson appeared together in public to
> advocate action on climate change, would this be a comparable local event?
> But we know that Wilson, Courtney, et. al., appear to march in lock step
> opposing the overwhelming scientific evidence that anthropogenic climate
> change is a serious problem.  We read Courtney at right-mind discussing the
> "church of global warming," as though the evidence for the problem is not
> based on valid science.  This view requires a complex psychoanalytic
> deconstruction, given it originates from someone embedded in a
> fundamentalist religious perspective.
> Hmmmm....a fertile theme for future Vision2020 posts...
> Ted Moffett

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