[Vision2020] condemning rape

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Mon Apr 21 15:29:42 PDT 2008

Sex with underage children is wrong and unlawful.  It's called "statutaory 
rape" and is punishable in all fifty states, as it should be.

Before you go there, gc, there is no such thing as consentual sex with a 
minor.  Just ask Steven Sitler.

If you wish to pursue this topic further, gc, I have a few questions of my 
own concerning a person recently arrested for sex crimes and whether or 
not a local "pastor" has counselled him yet, offering him a chance to 
repent, as he has a serial pedophile living right here in Vandalville.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

> I defy you to provide even a shred of documentation for the wildly
> reckless assertion made in the final sentence of your post. It is my
> understanding that when evidence of misconduct became known within the
> "congregation" in question it was dealt with promptly and in an
> absolutely correct manner. To claim anything else is unsupportable
> character assassination and bigotry. It is also, unfortunately, par for
> the course with a certain group which prides itself on its unfailing
> tolerance.

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