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Rendezvous in the Park's annual benefit concert, the "Showcase of Local Talent" featuring six local musical acts, occurs tomorrow (Saturday) night.  It is a great night of varied music that benefits the July Rendezvous concert series.  Support local music.  Come to the Kenworthy tomorrow night.

Bruce Livingston

Annual Rendezvous benefit 
is Saturday in Moscow

MOSCOW - The fourth annual Rendezvous in the Park benefit showcase will take place Saturday.

There will be six local musical acts competing for the public's vote beginning at 7 p.m. at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre in Moscow.  Featured performers are Angle of Incidence, Bare Wires, The Cold Rail Blues Band, Plastic Saints, Shiloh Sharrard and Zack O'Connor.  The audience will help choose which performers will be opening acts at Rendezvous in the Park in July. Opening acts for two nights will be picked by audience vote while the third will be chosen by the Rendezvous Board of Directors.

Price of admission for the competition is $10 per adults, $5 per child ages 12 to 18 and children under age 12 are free.

The master of ceremonies will be local singer/songwriter Brian Gill. 

Rendezvous in the Park's summer music festival is scheduled for July 17-20.
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