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Copied and pasted below is the UI Friday Letter for April 18, 2008.


University of Idaho
Office of the President
Moscow, Idaho 83844-3151
Phone: 208-885-6365
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The Friday Letter
A Newsletter for University of Idaho Alumni and Friends
April 18, 2008

Dear Friends,

The University of Idaho is moving forward with a concept to broaden 
access to affordable, high-quality legal education in Idaho. The 
College of Law has developed a plan to provide legal education in two 
locations: Moscow and Boise. Yesterday, the State Board of Education 
approved the request to move forward with planning the implementation 
of this concept and, as the next step in the process, we will prepare 
a business plan for the Board's approval. The plan will include an 
operating budget, capital budget, facility needs analysis, curriculum 
and implementation timeline.

We embarked upon this initiative because the economic, demographic, 
social and business landscape of Idaho is different today than in the 
recent past, and it will continue to change rapidly. Our educational 
delivery also must adapt in order for the state to realize this 
encouraging future.

Yesterday, Dean Don Burnett and I were joined by Chief Justice Daniel 
T. Eismann, current chair of the College of Law Advisory Council, 
former Chief Justice Linda Copple Trout, Richard Morgan who chairs 
the American Bar Association's law school accreditation standards 
review committee, and Anna Faller, president of the Student Bar 
Association and a graduating student, who helped with our 
presentation to the board.

I thank the Regents of the University of Idaho for the support that 
allows us to move forward swiftly with the next phase of planning. If 
ultimately approved, this change will allow our College of Law to 
meet the rapidly growing demand for legal education in our state, and 
in so doing, fulfill our mission for the state and citizens of Idaho. 
Under the two-location model, the College - with a unified 
administration, centered in Moscow, and a unified faculty - would 
deliver a curriculum that combines basic legal education in Moscow 
and Boise with an array of course options based upon the distinctive 
needs and opportunities at each location. For example, Moscow would 
develop strengths in natural resources and environmental law, public 
lands and federal-state-tribal relations. Boise would take advantage 
of its role as a center of commerce and government to develop 
business law and entrepreneurism, intellectual property, and 
international business transactions and trade. Each loca
  tion ultimately would serve approximately 250 students. The pace 
and sequence of phases in Boise would be based upon resources, depth 
and quality of the student applicant pool and accreditation requirements.

Next Monday, April 21, the College of Law's Sherman J. Bellwood 
Memorial Lecture will feature Kenneth W. Starr, dean and professor at 
the Pepperdine University School of Law. He will present "The 
Enduring Constitutional Conversation: Mr. Hamilton and Mr. 
Jefferson," at 4 p.m. in the University Auditorium in the 
Administration Building. Dean Starr has pursued a career spanning the 
breadth of the legal profession as a federal appellate judge, an 
appointed independent counsel in high-profile cases, a representative 
of blue-chip clients in private practice, a pro bono advocate for 
condemned persons on death row and as a public citizen engaged in 
community service. More information is available at www.law.uidaho.edu.

Tim White

Here's the latest news from the University of Idaho:

Mae Jemison made history when she became the first woman of color to 
go into space. Onboard the space shuttle Endeavor in the fall of 
1992, she conducted experiments in life sciences and material 
sciences. But her passion for discovery and her ability to inspire is 
grounded on Earth. Jemison will talk about science innovations, 
discovery and her life journey on Thursday, April 24, at 7 p.m. in 
the ASUI-Kibbie Activity Center. Jemison's life is filled with 
diverse accomplishments as a medical general practitioner, a Peace 
Corps volunteer, an astronaut and founder of the BioSentient 
Corporation and The Jemison Group, which focuses on integrating 
science and technology into everyday life. Advance tickets are $3 and 
available through the Ticket Office at www.uitickets.com, (208) 
885-7212 or toll-free (888) 884-3246. The event sponsors include the 
university's chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.

The University's Earth Week Celebration takes place April 21-26 and 
presents a variety of workshops and events relating to the issues 
surrounding sustainable living, alternative energy and conservation. 
The events are free and open to the public. An opening ceremony and 
parade will begin at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, April 21, departing from 
the Student Union Building and winding its way up to the Idaho 
Commons. Monday's events will focus on alternative transportation. 
Themes for the rest of the week include: Campus Day on Tuesday, April 
22; "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" on Wednesday, April 23; energy and 
green design on Thursday, April 24; and food systems and social 
justice on Friday, April 25. More information and a detailed schedule 
of events is online at stuorgs.uidaho.edu/~envclub/EarthWeek.

Heatercraft Marine Products, located in Rathdrum, made a generous 
pledge of $25,000 to the Vandal Scholarship Fund. Michael Bailey, 
owner of Heatercraft, understands the importance of supporting 
student athletes and wants to be a part of the Vandal family. For 
more information about donating to the Vandal Scholarship Fund, 
please contact Shelly Femreite in Coeur d'Alene at shellyf at uidaho.edu 
or (208) 677-2588.


Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

Came a tribe from the north brave and bold . . .

"Here We Have Idaho"

"I-D-A-H-O Idaho Idaho Go Go Go"

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