[Vision2020] Wal-mart drops its suit against Debbie Shank!

nickgier at adelphia.net nickgier at adelphia.net
Thu Apr 17 12:11:40 PDT 2008


Wal-mart does have a smidgen of a conscience.  Wal-mart dropped its demand that Debbie Shank return $470,000 that she received in a truck accident at a Wal-mart store.  The trucking company settled with Shank, but then Wal-mart wanted it all back, a demand that was supported in a Court of Appeals.

The national out-cry has been so fierce that Wal-mart has now dropped its demands, and the money can now be used to pay Shank's nursing home bills.  The accident left her brain-damaged and wheel-chair bound.

Nick Gier

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