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Some interest information on wind power and also the world food problem

Tom Trail

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>Wind Industry Blows Past Projections
>Photo courtesy of Michael Lemmon via flickr
>More than 70 nations now tap the wind to produce 
>electricity, and about 200,000 people worldwide 
>work in the wind industry. But will wind turbine 
>shortages put new projects on hold? Researcher 
>Sawin analyzes the latest data on wind power, 
>concluding that the global wind market may well 
>exceed projections for years to come.
>Signs Update: Wind Power Continues Rapid Rise
>This Week in Food
>In urban areas across the developing world, 
>rapidly rising food prices and demand are 
>creating "a perfect storm" of hunger and 
>desperation. World Bank President Robert 
>Zoellick is urging industrial nations to supply 
>an additional $500 million in food aid, reports 
>Block. Meanwhile, companies around the world are 
>adjusting their farm-animal confinement policies 
>and requesting clarification of consumer labels 
>to reflect the changes, spurred largely by voter 
>Bank President Proposes 'New Deal' for Food Aid
>Companies Discontinuing Farm Animal Confinement
>and Seafood: The Most Costly Ingredients in the 
>Global Diet
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>"All the technological tools that we need to 
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>-World Watch Editor 
>Prugh discusses sustainable economics on Earth & 
>Sky Radio
>"Major funders around the world have neglected agriculture."
>Halweil explains the consequences of rising food 
>prices on NPR's To the Point
>Prugh on Earth & Sky Radio (Press "listen")
>Halweil on To the Point (Beginning at minute 18)
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