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As a late-comer to Vision 2020, I am perhaps a bit behind the curve on this, but was wondering if there have been any ruminations on something that has become a recent burr in my saddle.  Without aspersion, and in recognition of the possible link to a local powder-keg issue, I would like to address in particular what is going in and on at the old Goodwill space.  The City has a new, slick and shiny Comprehensive Plan on its website, with a vision for the downtown core, which emphasizes an attractive and pedestrian-friendly space for the community to participate and gather in a collective spirit.  I love our downtown, our Friendship Square, and the idea of retaining our "Old Town", with its characteristic signature businesses, artwork and galleries, and quirkiness as separate from the junk going in out on the State Line.  It dismays me to see, at such a focal corner, the eyesore of "the Impact Church".  Here we have a space completely out of synch with Moscow's vision, with plywood duct-taped in the windows; a decidedly non-participatory entity.  Is there any recourse to prevent this sort of blight from spreading in the future?  Without becoming a ranter and a fist-shaker, I'd like to see an active and productive effort to be our town's Shepherds, and see to it that it remains a settlement where we all feel safe, involved, and aesthetically, spiritually and intellectually engaged.  How do we achieve this and also remain inclusive and diverse?
Thanks for your thoughts.  Please advise if this has been hashed-over previously and I may direct myself to any archives.
-Lucas Rate. 
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