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I agree (legally) that what these folks are doing is their business and I stated that.  BUT, the fact is Lew is a convicted child molester that will be in town to attend these things and he WILL be around the children of the "moderators" that live here and will be having the "after-hours party" in their home.  THAT is my concern; well, ok the fact the bar they will be having this at is being lied to as well is a concern.  But again, that is up to the bar to take cared of.  My MAIN concern is the children in the family and town and Lew not being registered while he's here.  

As far as I'm concerned, if they want to have orgies/sex indiscriminately - go for it.  Just keep the kids out of the home and out of the activity perimeter.  Period.  End of story.

J  :]

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> Well, I'm going to disappoint you on this one.  Cheating or no, we're 
> talking about adults hooking up to have sex.  More power to them.  They 
> have every right to want to do this and to participate.  Unless they are 
> talking about inviting underage children, then it doesn't matter what 
> "Lew", whoever he is, was convicted of.  I don't condone cheating on 
> spouses, if it even happens at these things, but there's nothing illegal 
> about it.
> It's that simple.  We're talking grown adults going into this with their 
> eyes open.  There is nothing to get excited about here.  Ok, maybe that 
> was the wrong wording.
> Paul
> "Think of the children" is fast becoming a stick used to pound your 
> moral outrages into other's skulls.  So no, I won't spare the "free 
> speech crap" on this one.  I'm not going to get worked up about some 
> party some guy I don't know who allegedly is a sex offender might attend 
> that might allegedly have children present some day in the future.  Even 
> the police need more to go on than that.  I have no reason not to assume 
> that if there are children that normally live at this home that they 
> won't be there when this takes place.  I'm sure the "moderators" are 
> smart enough to know that children don't belong at these types of events.
> I commend you for your thinking of the welfare of children, but let's 
> not go overboard here.  People should actually have to do something 
> wrong to get punished for it.
> J Ford wrote:
> > As some of the V2020 people may know, we have many types of 
> > "lifestyle" clubs or organizations running in Moscow.   While most of 
> > them are rather sedate and non-threatening to family structure or 
> > members, the "Moscow_Exchange" is not one of those.  They are a 
> > "swingers" club.  And they will be holding their first meeting, 
> > something they call a "Meet and Greet", at a local bar here in Moscow 
> > on May 3rd.  To be truthful, they are not the only such club...the 
> > other one, "Moscow/Pullman Friends" also meet in various bars and 
> > establishments within Moscow.
> >
> > Ok, so people have the right to do what they want and as long as both 
> > partners are aware of the "swinging" that is going on in their 
> > relationship, some are not.  In fact, the "club" warns that they will 
> > not allow cheating by their members, when the truth of the matter is, 
> > cheating does and will probably always go on.  The other, and more 
> > importantly in my opinion, significant issue about this particular 
> > "club" is that one of the "moderators" of said club is in fact a 
> > convicted child molester.  In fact, he spent 7 years in prison and is 
> > a registered sex offender.  Right now, they are planning on moving 
> > back to Lewiston but they had no intention of notifying the cops or 
> > local PO office of Lew's activities. 
> >
> > Why am I mentioning this on this site?  Because I don't (I HOPE they 
> > don't) think the local bar this "club" is planning on meeting at is 
> > not aware of Lew's past nor even what the "club" is all about.  The 
> > "moderators" will also be having what they call an "after hours" party 
> > at their home here in Moscow.  There are children in that home that 
> > will be exposed not only to the activities of the parents, et al, but 
> > to Lew - who is not supposed to be around ANY child under the age of 18.
> >
> > So, my challenge to the powers that be and to the bar - What are you 
> > gonna do about it?
> >
> > And please - spare me the Free Speech crap on this one.  We are 
> > talking about children at risk.  What adults do outside the purview 
> > and sight of children is one thing.  But to bring this type of 
> > activity and person into a home where many children reside and/or go 
> > to, is just WRONG.
> >
> > J :]
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