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"Right now, they are planning on moving back to Lewiston but they had no intention of notifying the cops or local PO office of Lew's activities."
Beside the moral implications of adultery, whether mutally agreed upon or legal or not, the claim above is the troubling part to me.  A registered offender must notify their state when they intend to move, to where and where they will work.  If this "gentleman" (loose term) does intend on moving without notifying the proper people, then there might be something that can be done that would hinder his newest hobby.  Might be better to wait for the actual offence to occur though. I don;t think he is supposed to be around children in any setting either so there may be several new charges in the making?
See more and check your neighborhood at:  http://www.isp.state.id.us/sor_id/
I didn't see any thing there designating restrictions to general places where children might be except schools and daycares that would indicate an offender could not be in an aquaintances' home where children reside?  Anyone here know different?  
 TITLE  18                            CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS                                  CHAPTER 83                SEXUAL OFFENDER REGISTRATION NOTIFICATION AND                         COMMUNITY RIGHT-TO-KNOW ACT    18-8309.  CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR NAME. (1) If an offender changes address oractual residence, the offender shall provide written notice of the new addresswithin two (2) working days after the change to the sheriff of the countywhere the offender is required to register. The notice shall be on a formprovided by the department. Within three (3) working days after receipt of thenotice, the sheriff shall forward a copy of the notice to the department.    (2)  If an offender changes address to another state, the offender shallprovide written notice of the new address within five (5) working days afterthe change to the department.    (3)  An offender whose legal name is changed by marriage, judicial orderor any other means shall provide written notice of the name change to thesheriff and the department within two (2) working days of the order, event orother occurrence.
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