[Vision2020] Book Request

Dave tiedye at turbonet.com
Fri Apr 4 07:16:11 PDT 2008

Do you also like science fiction?  If so you might try anything written 
by David Brin.   Earth, the Uplift Trilogies, and Kiln People top my list.

On the lighter side I bet you would love a fantasy book called the 
Philosophical Strangler, I don't recall the authors name, nor the name 
of the sequel.

I assume you've already read the myth-adventures by Robert Aspirin, but 
I'll mention them just in case.

Me, I've become a dysfunctional reader, that is if I start a book I will 
be totally dysfunctional in my real life (such as it is) until the book 
is finished.  

My son is the same way, I believe he is the only student who has ever 
been banned from reading at school.


Chasuk wrote:
> I've just finished a novel by Patrick Rothfuss -- his debut -- called
> "The Name of the Wind."  It was the best novel I've read in five
> years, maybe longer.  Immediately before that, I read two books by
> Brandon Sanderson that were also very good.  All three of these novels
> were fantasies, a genre that I enjoy, but that disappoints me more
> often than it rewards.
> I'm looking for recommendations in the same genre.
> I read heavily so I have likely already read all of the usual
> suspects, but otherwise any recommendations are welcome.
> Chas
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