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keely emerinemix kjajmix1 at msn.com
Tue Apr 1 08:51:08 PDT 2008

Just a quick note to thank all of you who emailed or called me with apartment info after my request for help over the weekend.  I have thoroughly vetted the religious, economic, and social policy views of each of the landlords, and I've forwarded them each a test on basic feminist Christian doctrine while also checking out their commitment to xeriscaping and grey-water usage in their rentals and private homes.  In addition, I'm including a CD of my debate with Doug Wilson with each rental application, as I'm unable to consider any rental situation for my son unless the landlord demonstrates sufficient free time on her hands, such as would be indicated by having two and a half hours to hear me pontificate on hyper-Calvinist influences on the Palouse.

I'm satisfied that we'll come up with something soon, and I appreciate all of the tips I got.  


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