[Vision2020] Gritman's Incompetence on CNN

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I'll "avoid Gritman," as Donovan says, by eating healthy, exercising, not smoking, not drinking too much, and flossing every night.  Should those things fail me, though, and I need hospitalization, or should something sudden come up, you can bet I'll be heading down Main Street.  Not "in spite of Gritman's reputation," but because of it.


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We are blessed by the presence of Gritman Hospital in our
community. If and when Donovan’s  accomplishments equal even a thousandth
part of the contribution that Gritman Hospital, its
staff and board members have made for over a hundred years, then perhaps he
will have some credibility in his vague, ill-founded complaints.  I am
beyond pity for you, (and even beyond disgust) Donovan, but for your own sake,
and  to retain even a modicum of self-respect, knock it the hell off. 

Rose Huskey 


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Gritman's Incompetence on CNN




I'm sorry you get such pleasure out
of dissing the hospital and many other organizations and individuals.  No
one is perfect, and that includes you.

Give us a break and a
little peace from your  constant negativity please.




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[Vision2020] Gritman's Incompetence on CNN


Gritman's incompetence now hits National News!



I want to remind people, avoid Gritman whenever


Some might explain this as a simple clerical error.
But if this guy was a diabetic, allergic to certain medications, or taking
medications that could react badly to a medication administered because they
have the wrong record, it could be fatal. 


Basic 101 treatment is ALWAYS first ask, "Do I
have the right person?" This has to be checked with birth date and/or
social security number. 


Nurses get fired and could lose their license for this
type of error. 









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