[Vision2020] Gritman's Incompetence on CNN

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I'm sorry you get such pleasure out of dissing the hospital and many other organizations and individuals.  No one is perfect, and that includes you.
Give us a break and a little peace from your  constant negativity please.


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  Gritman's incompetence now hits National News!

  I want to remind people, avoid Gritman whenever possible. 

  Some might explain this as a simple clerical error. But if this guy was a diabetic, allergic to certain medications, or taking medications that could react badly to a medication administered because they have the wrong record, it could be fatal. 

  Basic 101 treatment is ALWAYS first ask, "Do I have the right person?" This has to be checked with birth date and/or social security number. 

  Nurses get fired and could lose their license for this type of error. 



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