[Vision2020] Senator Larry Craig Challenges Guilty Plea

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Thu Sep 27 10:45:02 PDT 2007

Ted asked:
So who thinks the ACLU's case in defense of Craig has merit, in their friend of the court brief?
I don't know if it has legal merit, but I support the principle that if I would be offended by the conduct of the police in this case toward any other gay person, I am offended by such conduct directed at anyone, including a person who has vilified gay people in the past.  It's a tough pill to swallow sometimes, but  the image of "lady justice" is blindfolded for good reason.
Whatever approach, comment, or conduct is legal (however socially inappropriate) for a man toward a woman, or a woman toward a man, is also legal for a man to man and woman to woman.  Some of the things Craig is alleged to have done cross the line if he did them, in my opinion.  
One other thought--even though the conduct MAY have been of the type that could legally be sanctioned, the statute must be properly written in order for it to be legally applied.  So, if it is indeed overbroad or ambiguous, then Craig may properly (once again, my opinion) be allowed to withdraw his plea--and have the charges dropped as to that particular statute.  He may, of course, still face charges under other statutes.
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